Holy Rummy APK Download Old Version

Holy Rummy APK Download Old Version

Download Holy Rummy Apk – Referralcodeapp readers here I am back with another new rummy app 51 Bonus my apk today we all want to make money online make our life easy and safe and many students and people looking for jobs that earn good money by doing such jobs online. so the rummy game app allows its users to earn good money from the app and maintain ease in their life.

Download the Holy Rummy app and get registration bonus when you link your mobile number with the app. Your registration fee will be in your account within 5 minutes after completing your registration. Online rummy apps are a betting method to use your mobile phone to earn real money. I also want to let you know about the Best Rummy Apk list that can also earn you good money without any money if you invite people to download the Rummy Game app and play online games as well.

Download Holy Rummy Apk?

There are many other Teen Patti apps are also here to earn unlimited real money from all kinds of games like Dragon vs Tiger and modern rummy is one of the most exciting rummy game apps for earning real money. You can also download Teen Patti Joy and Teen Patti Master Apk if a user wants to earn money by playing casino games.

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How to Deposit by Bank Transfer in Holy Rummy Apk?

  1. First select the amount in the deposit section.
  2. Open the Upi Payments app and select Bank Payment.
  3. Copy all the details from the payment page and paste it into the app.
  4. Specify the selected payment. 5 After payment, apply. Soon the payment will be added to the game ID.

Advantages of bank deposits:

  • 5% first deposit
  • 5.5% bonus on second deposit
  • 2.5% to 6.5% credit card deposit


We are talking about many online earning platforms since we started a website or can say the blog, so I stick to these money making apps because they are in though gooey and that’s why Holy Rummy Apk is what allows their users to earn real money online. just by sharing the experience of earning online, now i will start with Holy Rummy Apps section.

Holy Rummy app is a new rummy app with Rs.51 bonus only after completing your registration process. The amount will be credited to your Holy Teen Patti wallet as soon as the numbering process is completed. It is also a great change for young Indians who want to earn money only on their phones and which can also be transferred to your bank account without any fees.

Indians are very smart because many Indians are making a lot of money using rummy game and are enjoying their life now without work and Holy Rummy is a type of earning platform that has the power to make you rich without any money if you invite and win through Holy Rummy. Apk.

Here at Holy Rummy app, you will get unlimited money playing online casino games which are also many games and main games. Holi Teen Patti, Holi Teen Patti Apk Download, New Holi Rummy App, Latest Holi Rummy App, Teen Patti Holi Apk.


  • You can choose “Andar” or “Bahar” to place a bet.
  • Select “Bahar” bet money: 10Rs.
  • If the bet on “Bahar” is not the winner, the bet amount is selected: 30Rs.
  • If the bet on “Bahar” is not the winner, select the amount of the bet: 70Rs.
  • If the bet on “Bahar” is not the winner, select the amount of the bet: 150Rs.
  • If the “Bahar” bet wins, change the investment amount; bet 10Rs more. If any of them, once you win, continue to choose 10R to bet again.

Andar Bahar’s Winning Tips:-

  • Bet-10Rs
  • Bet-30Rs
  • Bet-70Rs
  • Bet-150Rs
  • Bet-350Rs
  • Bet-800Rs
  • Bet-1700Rs
  • Bet-3600Rs
  • Bet 10Rs 1-5 Cards Win 35Rs up
  • Bet 10Rs 6-10 Cards Win 45Rs up
  • Bet 10Rs 11-15 Cards Win 55Rs up to
  • Card 10Rs 16-25 won Rs 45 to
  • Bet 10Rs 26-30 Cards Win 150Rs up to
  • Bet 10Rs 31-35 Card Win 250Rs
  • Bet 10Rs 36-40 Cards Win 500Rs
  • Bet 10Rs 41 or more cards win 1200Rs

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Yes, The Holy Rummy app and other rummy game apps can play card games online and it can help you win real money if you beat your opponents. This game option requires card game skills to play gambling games and some games only need online game tricks to win like Andar Bahar, Dragon vs Tiger, Car roulette, Zoo Roulette, 7 Up 7 Down etc.

Play online casino games and win real money. All the games you can play are made with tricks and some games also require skill to play. Rummy game users are always looking for new rummy apps where they can play Dragon Vs Tiger and every user can play and earn good money easily with Holy Rummy game app.

Many people use rummy game software to play many online rummy games, which are still not rummy, but other card games, let me explain that there are more than enough games in the holy rummy software and many Game names like you’ve never heard of. which. at any time, so you can learn to play some games and play them.

Holy Rummy Apk has good customer support and game support, if you are using good RAM smartphone, the game in this holy rummy app will not stop or hang and you can enjoy smooth game. Gambling options allow people to earn money on their own and making money is the best way to earn money.


Holy Rummy VIP Exclusive is a VIP member privilege and they are all here. Holy Rummy has launched a first deposit program every Monday. Hurry share with your friends, join VIP, get more rewards. The player deposits more than 1001 rupees for the first time every Monday, the next day can get up to 30,000 rupees in cash! (The amount will be paid directly to the member’s account)


There are some of the most online casino games available for all Holy Rummy application users and therefore there will be more than 19 online gambling games for all users and everyone is ready to win some money. good money and believe in himself that he will beat anyone. you have the best platform to show your skills friend. Many games are:

  • dragon vs tiger
  • 7 High is low
  • Hide Roulette
  • Automatic Roulette
  • Roulette
  • 3 poker cards
  • Anadar Bahar
  • Teen Patti 20-20
  • Baccarat
  • best of five

Skill Games:

  • Ludo
  • Rummy
  • 10 cards
  • Young Patti
  • baby jack
  • separately
  • Anadar Bahar go
  • poker
  • kick back


The Holy Teen Patti Apk is available on www.holy-rummy.xyz and you can download it easily from above download button. This is a great opportunity for all smartphone users who are looking for one app to meet all their expenses and they have to wait for an app that can fulfill their dreams in all aspects.

Download Holy Rummy app is not a difficult task but it is easy for everyone, just go to the download page and click the download button. You can also scroll down and you will find a button to download Holy Rummy. application and you will be able to download it there with just one click if you have any doubts you can follow the steps below.


  • Click the download button above.
  • You will go to the Holy Rummy download page. Then click Download.
  • Wait 3-4 seconds and you will start downloading.
  • Now you can install it and start running


Now you can earn money when you progress every week from the previous week. This means that when your deposit amount is higher in the previous week from the last to the previous week in the Holy Rummy app, you will be awarded the progress bonus. This means that you must be a promoter to receive this bonus and one of the requirements is specified below, please read carefully.

We have many rummy apps on the internet and most of them do not have this option to earn money because the progress money is not visible at the beginning when you download Teen Patti Holy Apk. Bonuses in holy rummy or any bonus rummy app are only available to VIP players.

This only requires a minimum VIP level which is 1 VIP level and can be done by adding 500 gold to your holy rummy account. I think why many people don’t like to invest in any kind of app but investing in app is better than giving money to one of the service providers because they will support your service or not promise but your gambling skills can make you rich and so. 500rs is not a big deal


Here in Rummy Holi Apk you can earn unlimited money by inviting your friends and people through social media. you will get 30% commission for life on all players in Holy Rummy Apk. You will get free tokens when you refer your friends and they will complete their registration and complete KYC to get sign up bonus then you will get Rs.51 instantly.

The users you invite will earn you good money without investment because every time they play you will get 30% commission on their tax money. This means that the more games your referrals play, the more money you will earn.

Steps to refer people to HOLLY RUMMY APP:

  • Open Holy Rummy Apk.
  • Click on the Refer to Get button. Now the Refer & Earn tab will open.
  • Copy your call link. Share Holy Teen Patti invite link.

The Refer and Earn option also has a split bonus money which is a little different from the Commission money because the main money of the Refer and Earn program is 30% Commission on referral tax money but in the split money, the employee will get Rs.100 from. They are all valid referrals. The correct instruction is when the invitees deposit money in their account with a small amount of Rs.1000 or more, then you will get Rs.100 from them.

HOLY RUMMY Weekly Bonus Program:

The weekly bonus program in Holi Rummy Apk is also very good because it is one of the reliable ways to earn good money from this kind of rummy app. Weekly income is a fantastic opportunity for all promoters because this income can make you rich every week. Maximum amount you can earn per week from Holi Rummy app is Rs.200000. Also, this money will be available to you every Monday. you can easily receive weekly cash from Refer and Earn option, you just have to scroll a bit and find Holy Rummy App weekly cashout option. Tap on it and click the Confirm button.


Holly Rummy Vip program is very easy because you can become Holi Rummy Apk VIP Player very easily just by adding Rs.500 to your Rummy Holi account and hooray you are a VIP player of the new rummy earning app.

Many benefits and earning options are available when you become a VIP:

  • Weekly income
  • Daily income
  • Price level
  • Monthly cost
  • Instant withdrawal


The Progress bonus is only for VIP Players of Holy Rummy Apk and they should also be a promoter to avail this service as Refer and Earn will be the basis of progress bonus.

Contribution amount will be the key to progress bonus, because when your weekly contribution amount is more than the previous week’s contribution amount, then you will be eligible for progress bonus. Progress Bonus is not only available in Holy Rummy Apk but you can also get it in Rummy Royally Apk Download: ₹ 51 dashi New Rummy Royally App Apk and enjoy your great source of income through Holy Rummy App.

Enter bonus program in HOLY RUMMY APP:

The deposit program in Holy Rummy Apk is very simple and different because you will get money back on every deposit you make in Holy Rummy Apk. Teen Patti Holy Apk is one of the great bonus rummy apps. Here, the minimum Add Cash cashback is 5% and the maximum is 20%. The more you deposit in this rummy app, the more cashback you will get.


If users want to cash out from this Holy Rummy Apk, they should make sure that you reach the minimum cashout amount in the Holi Rummy app. The new rummy earning app has a minimum transaction amount of only Rs 100. You know that you will get Rs.51 bonus in Rummy Holy Apk so you can easily reach the withdrawal amount that pays you money in your bank account.


There are two withdrawal options in the Holy Teen Patti rummy app and both of them are explained below in a step-by-step political program. Exclusion of banks using IMPS:

If users want to withdraw their winnings through IMPS, they will need to add their bank details to the app and the money will be transferred directly to their account using IMPS.

  • Open Holy Rummy Apk. Click the remove button.
  • Select the Bank option from the tab. Click on the + bank account option.
  • Enter your bank details and save. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Click the uninstall button now.

To withdraw funds using UPI details:

Users also have the option to redeem money from the new rummy app using the UPI option and Holly Rummy 51 Bonus app which is also easy to play and easy to use. Start a process for my users so you can restore quickly.

  • Open Holy Rummy Apk.
  • Click the remove button. Select the UPI option in the tab.
  • Click on +UPI option. Enter your UPI details and save.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw. Click the uninstall button now.


You can also reward your referrals by sharing your referral link. Anyone who downloads Holy Rummy Apk using your referral link will get a signup bonus of Rs.51. All they have to do is complete the registration process.


Invite friends to win Big Game rewards in the Holy Rummy app. Anyone who plays the game effectively will bring you a lot of money. If the sub player earns up to Rs.1000 and above, he becomes an effective player. Share via WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media. You will earn money continuously on the Report and Earn page.


Holy Rummy is a new rummy app, we all know that and the question that arises in our mind about all new rummy apps for teenagers is that this app is different from others. So here is the answer for Holi Rummy Apk as the user interface of this rummy is very similar to Teen Patti Club and others that work. We always want to make money from rummy game apps but the problem we face with all these rummy game apps is that all these apps are withdrawing our account otherwise they give you bet.

Download 51 RUMMY HOLY APK:

Welcome to Holy Rummy where you can give your friends Rs.51 as signup bonus. When you share your link with your friends or anyone using social media and other platforms. The invitee will get Rs.51 when they download the app using your Rummy Holly Apk link. Number of mobile bind to be paid free of cost in Rs.50. 51. www.holy-rummy.xyz. Start enjoying your journey to earn money.


Hi Holi Rummy is not playing for Holi but it is called Holy Festival and there will be a festival in your house every day if you download Holy Rummy and start playing here in Teen Patti Holy app for earning good money .

Here, you will get rewards for inviting new friends which will be different from honoring and Earn rewards. Invite new players to get Rs.11-10001 reward. Here, the first transfer for new players will be in your Rummy members account immediately. Get exclusive in-app links, share and invite players to earn 11-10001 coins fast. New employees who are over 51 will get paid immediately.


Q.1 When was Rummy Holy Apk released?
Rep. Holy Rummy Apk was released on May 24, 2022.

Q.2 How can I make money from Holy Rummy app?
Rep. You can earn money by inviting people and playing games.

Q.3 Can I earn money without investing in Holy Rummy app?
Rep. Yes, you can earn money without investing in Holy Rummy by inviting people.

Q.4 How much money can I earn from Holy Rummy app?
Rep. There is no limit to winning Holy Rummy App.

Q.5 Is it legal to play on the Holy Rummy app?
Rep. As far as I know, all these apps are based in China, so you have to decide whether they are legal or not.

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